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We provide legal representation in pursuing a broad range of immigration related solutions to a wide variety of clients including those described below.


We strive to keep families united by developing long-term strategies to secure permanent resident status for all members of a family. Changes in family status such as engagement, marriage, birth of children, death of family members, and divorce can have significant consequences for the immigration status of non-citizen family members. We advise and represent families in taking the necessary steps to obtain and preserve their legal status in the U.S., including filing the appropriate petitions and applications when eligible under the law.



The future of businesses large and small may depend on their ability to recruit and retain workers from all over the world. We analyze the needs of our client businesses and their foreign-born employees to determine how best to utilize the non-immigrant visa categories to bring employees to the U.S. as quickly as possible. We also guide businesses and workers through the process of securing permanent resident status on the basis of job skills and employment.



We work closely with individual clients to determine how their present and future immigration goals can be achieved in the U.S. In designing solutions to an individual's immigration needs, we consider both temporary and permanent immigration status, and we explore the possibilities for both family-based and employment-based immigration benefits.  We take care to anticipate issues that may arise over time, and we work diligently to overcome obstacles to legal status. On behalf of our clients, we prepare and file the petitions and applications required for obtaining temporary non-immigrant status, permanent resident status, and citizenship. We represent our clients at every step in the process of obtaining these immigration benefits.



We specialize in representing health care professionals, including nurses, physicians, and physical therapists, as well as the health care institutions that employ them. We are experienced in the credentialing process that is required for health care workers to be eligible for non-immigrant visas and permanent resident status. We encourage a long-term relationship with our health care professional clients to ensure that their decisions relating to both temporary and permanent immigration status complement and support their professional development goals



We represent individuals in all types of cases heard by judges in Immigration Court. Our attorneys have a proven record of successfully defending clients against the government's efforts to deport them. We vigorously represent our clients in Immigration Court, and our successes include winning permanent resident status, waivers ("pardons") of inadmissibility, cancellation of removal and other remedies on behalf of our clients. We also represent clients in seeking release from custody and in appealing adverse decisions of Immigration Judges to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the U.S. Court of Appeals.


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