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The Law Office of Ruth M. Dunning provides a wide range of immigration-related legal representation and advocacy services. We are dedicated to providing high-quality legal services to families, businesses, individuals, and non-profit agencies. We provide personal, individualized service, and we value long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Attorneys

The attorneys of the firm are experienced in all areas of immigration law practice.  Ms. Dunning and Mr. Wintersteen have been practicing in this specialized area for more than twenty-five years, a period of time during which immigration laws, federal regulations, national immigration policies and judicial interpretation of important immigration questions have changed dramatically.  Our attorneys have broad experience representing clients before the various bureaus of the Department of Homeland Security (CIS, ICE, CBP), the Immigration Courts, the Department of State and U.S. Consulates worldwide, and the federal courts.   Please click "more" to view biographies of the firm's attorneys.

Our Practice

This law office offers a full range of immigration-related legal representation and advocacy services to our clients. We assist our clients in navigating the complex system of U.S. immigration laws including seeking the following types of immigration solutions:

*  All Classes of Temporary Visas

*  Family & Employment Based Residence Status

*  Immigrant Visas Through Overseas Consulates

*  Employment Visas Including H & J Class Visas

*  Citizenship

*  Waivers of Inadmissibility

*  Deportation Defense in Immigration Court  

We take care to consider both the short term and long term goals of our clients in developing legal strategies.

Legal Services

We provide legal representation in pursuing a broad range of immigration related solutions to a wide variety of clients including the following:


 *  Families

 *  Employers

 *  Individuals

 *  Health Care Professionals

 *  Medical Centers & Teaching Hospitals

 *  Non-Profit & Community Organizations

 *  Religious Organizations & Parishes

 *  Respondents in Deportation Proceedings


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